AU to deploy medical personnel to Ebola-affected countries

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Since the Ebola outbreak erupted in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leona and Nigeria, 225 health workers have been infected and 130 of them succumbed to the disease. The latest death is of a Nigerian doctor.The World Health Organization says the 400 staff from WHO and other partner organizations deployed to West Africa are not enough.
As an emergency response to beef up the much needed medical expertise in the Ebola-affected states, the African Union Peace and Security commission has approved the deployment of military and civilian medical personnel from African countries. They are to be deployed in September. The World Health Organization reports that the Ebola death toll has risen to over 1,550 with over 3,000 suspected cases. New cases have been reported in Democratic Republic of Congo, raising fears that the disease may spread to other regions. The African Union says Ebola is now turning to be a security threat. The WHO warns that 20,000 people could be affected by the disease before the outbreak is contained. British drug maker, Glaxosmith announced Thursday that it is planning to prepare at least 10,000 vaccines for the disease by mid 2015. Africa needs the Ebola vaccine as soon as possible. However, with a lot of uncertainty looming over the effectiveness of drugs yet to be tried by manufacturers, the only option on the table is for the continent to step up its own preventive mechanism.


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