ArmaniCrimeFamily |vs| Gambino CF (Ebola Effects) (GasaiUTM)

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-Don J Armani:
-Don Sean Armani:
-Boss A Armani:

they did not send rules so we decided to setup 2nd game then they wanted to host but they never invited us so we did not play game 2.

#VHMMK #RAPSK #TraumaticzK #GambinoK


Music: Trippz Michaud – Kid Again

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Royalest Shootz says:

was a gg ur members are rain and nobady say anything clawing didn't take ss cuze he didnt know rules we didnt want to play game 2 cause ur host were laggy but it doesnt matter if we got members of BOLA we did open the crew 2 days ago we got not much people still

Suppressorzs says:

damn clawing using FAA lol – Gs guys

vAsylumzs says:

Gs My Man


Gs like :*

Raka Mar says:

Zaikoooooo and Gasai Gs my brothers

Angel UTM says:

Gs 👏🏼👏🏼

Abuseful says:

Beat M11X on 360 trashy ass

Kobe ll CTUs (Kobe Burns) says:


vExplicytz says:

Gs bitch


Gs Buen video

Nebula UTM says:

Goodshiit🙌🏼 #like

SCREx Boston says:

Buena we

King Pedro says:

Gs💪💪 rotina doll uses faa😷😷😷

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