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ARMA 3: Life Mod — Medic Missions — Part 2 — Ebola Treatment! | Ebola Videos

ARMA 3: Life Mod — Medic Missions — Part 2 — Ebola Treatment!

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Cheap Video Games: https://www.g2a.com/r/PsiSyndicate DESCRIPTION A world without medics in ARMA 3 Life is not a world worth living in, and by that, I mean y…

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PsiSyndicate says:

Hello friends. Streaming right now, come party:

Liam Leggitt says:


Tyler Paquette says:

if you came here from the stream your awesome <3

Lukeisonline says:

Don’t u have to be 16 to get on dis server and then there’s a squeaker in
the bank?

Skoorb Brooks says:

Sorry, nublet here was wondering if you donate 30$ do you still have to
fill out an application?


Holy shit, we broke YouTube!

yoshi542 says:

Saving Cats game should use the surgeon simulator engine. 

Michaelangelo Zamora says:

Can you guys answer a question in the top left corner its says fuel so do
vehicles run out of gas

tortozza says:

omg dnt jk about ebola its nt funy

Dolly Rodger says:

how come there was a 12 year old playing at 3:05 but you have to be 16 or
older to play? this ain’t justice

Dylansgames says:

U should do a series where u r an elite sniper, u cover people in bank
robberies, snipe people in the barricades the cops set up, it would be

SoulCrusher says:

Stap doing this :( Its boring, there is not much pew pew… :(

Vincetheman says:

ʸᵒᵘ ᵐᵒᵗʰᵉʳᶠᵘᶜᵏᵉʳˢ

Space Butterflies says:

No Hi Everyone lewis here? i mean that what makes your channel special c:

GeeFamous92 says:

I’m that gangsta nigga Gee!! 15:40 thats me lol

Diego Gonzalez says:

I laughed so damn hard! HAHA!

Gamers Forge says:

I have a whole ebola based video but wasn’t too sure about putting it up…
Seems like disrespectful or something, I dunno.

Battlefield3JET says:

I just wanna say, I love you lewis, keep up the good video’s and streams.
But this should’ve been adressed.

What kind of fail RP was this, Lewis running into the bank while the bank
is being robbed? Really this is fail RP. A guy got banned for running up to
the bank while the robbery was going on(2:00 sidechat), and lewis as a
medic just fucking runs into the bank for no reason at ALL. he should’ve
been banned. I’m not hating or anything, but everyone should be judged

David Stump Grinder says:

good luck ebola chan!

GamerX1220 says:

Can you do a KSI impression?

Masterfear12 says:

niggers niggers niggers niggers

spysaboo says:

Stop acting like a fking cop “We got a perimeter move away” like damn, I
like your videos but fking stop, you are a medic.

Mrxxynotxx says:

6:58 XD

JJGaming UK says:


Theo Crowley says:

90% of these players are 12 lel

Tryhard Gamer says:

No its lego man from the lego legacy video psi posted

Calipto says:

I was watching katts stream when this happened XD

Ghost-Network says:

I bought arma 3 just to play this! Keep up the great work, Psi.

Mr.Anarchy says:

10:57 Spooky Scary Skeletons! 

Weedz420 says:

Finally! We’ve been telling you about the Ebola for days now and you’re
finally doing something about it.

Walter White says:


DigitalDyslexia says:

Samsung Lewis here

UgenixK says:

Looool “I’m straight up gayngstuhhh”

MR. Reaper says:

dont like the medic series..

Scott Smith says:

I like the medic videos, so much good RP.

Goaty_ says:

That was a 1337 hop down them stairs at the bank, Lewis.

Alex FBI says:

Thet frame fix thet.

Mr.CombatTurtle says:

That guy putting on the gangster voice tho XD hilarious 

snuggans says:

EMS should not be driving these crown vics because people will shoot them
as they approach in the distance with lights and sirens on, even if they
are red. as you can see some of the civilians in this video equated you to
the “pigs”. the ambulance is the iconic EMS vehicle and i dont know why you
guys are driving these new cars

teachingutogame says:

I get its roleplay and all but these guys never drop it its always serious

Coby Schifcofske says:

best episode ever

Matthew Wilson says:

do more

Andre Rosario says:

The Role Play is amazing 

Ge.O V says:

Stick it in his ass !!lol

Joshua Meek says:

What server is this?

Radiation Zone says:

This is Alpha 4-1, we are releasing Containment 009K to the public, we will
be maintaining the only road out of Lakeside, I trust our choppers will
keep the sick out of our way, over…

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