Applause for Timbuktu at Fespaco film festival

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The award-winning movie “Timbuktu”, which depicts the rule of jihadists in northern Mali, receives acclaim at the Fespaco film festival in Burkina Faso. FULL STORY:

Mafarma Sanogo, Media consultant: “I find it amazing to see such a big attendance. I think that Fespaco was right to schedule the movie Timbuktu and the people of Ouagadougou overcame all their fears to be here, for freedom of speech. It is amazing.”

Zikra Walet Moussa, actress: “This movie is so emotional because you see I already have tears in my eyes, because I think that people should take this movie seriously because it is a great movie and a movie that is very well-thought out and people should know that this is reality. This is what we have been through and this is why I have tears in my eyes today.”

Abderrahmane Sissako, director: “Through Fespaco, it is as if the whole Africa was watching this movie tonight. It took time because this movie was almost everywhere in the world but it was not reaching Africa in a strong way and tonight, believe me, I have never been so moved, overwhelmed and touched. So for me, this screening is a victory in itself.

“I think I have tried to play my role and that is to resist, that is to denounce barbaric actions in all their shapes. Timbuktu has had very, very strong humanist values for centuries and it was thus a shame that people came to impose their vision. So cinema can do this job, it can force itself to fight against violence, to fight against barbarism, to fight against the negation of others. Because a culture was targeted to be destroyed in a way. For me, I have played my role as a filmmaker and that is perfectly normal.”


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