Another EBOLA treatment – Melatonin

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Another EBOLA treatment – Melatonin.


Steve Thompson says:

What about MMS Miracle Mineral Solution? I have read about one Women dying
from taking MMS but then I seen A Man on YouTube Injecting MMS Into His arm
to prove Its safe, and for sure the fda wants MMS off the market, I used to
be able to buy MMS from Amazon but now Its as far as I know only available
from other Countries. 

K Elmer says:

Agree – Colloidal Silver will NOT work against ebola or any other virus in
the body. This is due to ebola virus, and all others NOT having any need
for oxygen, and having a hard, protein shell. Collodial Silver MOA is to
bind to oxgen receptors in all cells it encounters. As viri have no oxygen
receptors, CS at any size is worthless as an anti-viral. CS ONLY works on

Collodial Silver will ONLY kill virus inside a laboratory test. It will NOT
do so in the blood. Bear in mind that silver is not allowed to be ‘free
floating’ in your bloodstream. It is bound to cells all along the way
through the gut and never makes it across the intestinal wall in any
quantity. PLUS, the method of action of silver AT ANY SIZЕ including
‘nano’ is to bind to oxygen receptors on the bacteria, and others on fungi.
BUT a virus has NO such receptors, and silver is useless against it in the

The continued meme of CS against Ebola in the alternative media is
deliberate disinformation. Who wants you to believe in an ineffective ebola
cure? Hmmm….

CrimsonRunnerToJesus says:

Seems like solid info to me…

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