Amid coronavirus spread, measles outbreak kills thousands of children in DR Congo

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As DR Congo faces the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic, the country is already struggling to deal with the world’s worst measles outbreak. Since January 2019, the virus has claimed the lives of over 6,300 children and infected hundreds of thousands of others. Our correspondents Clément Bonnerot and Juliette Dubois report from the north of the country.

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infected unicorn piggy YT says:

Now I'm even more scared wait dose it kill children some one please reply to meh!

上落合の御狸様 says:



Plz don't tell me that we could see 2 viruses/diseases in 1 year


All these poor people should make their way to the EU and avail of the free education housing and healthcare. Apparently German men are incapable of fathering new German children and the French are in the same position all these people will contribute huge benefits to the EU.

Blue -eyed says:

This is why the borders need to be closed.

Ghastly_Grinner says:

Why are french Drs down there shouldn't they be up in france trying to get that 7.08% mortality rate from covid19 down?

Ghastly_Grinner says:

isn't there a vaccine for this?

The New Era says:

BIBENDUM: The Coronavirus (CCP-virus) Is Absolutely No Excuse to Lift Sanctions on Iran. Don’t blame ‘China’ for the coronavirus — blame the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)!

Jimnesstar Lyngdoh Nonglait says:


Indigenous Supporter says:

You westerns if you leave Africa alone then all of these problems will vanish. Just leave please.

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