American Ebola patients now immune from disease

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They still have a long road to recovery, but if Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol decide to resume their relief work with Ebola patients in Africa, they will no longer be able to contract or spread the deadly disease. They are now immune.
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Tyial Napoleon says:

Sounds like b.s. to me :(

Mae Rynel D Nahine says:

I survived dengue im glad that i won the battle. Soooo does that make me immune to that type of disease

Niitami says:

Your brain would have no choice and create its own vaccine

Leo Hidalgo says:

Can a vaccine be created?

Adonay Mnz 045 says:

se que no sonara humano lo que dire pero si eliminan esa parte de africa con una bomba atomica el brote se detendria :v

VideoLogDotCom says:

What about the death in Texas and why not use them to find a vaccine?

xJustReallyGoodx says:

So if someone recovers from EBOLA it is impossible for them to get the virus

#Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations says:

This whole story is a FAKE HOAX! We are on to you.  Ebola patients can not get out of a transport vehicle and walk.  And nancy writEBOL????  I mean really you guys?  Wake up already, They are preparing the way for a real outbreak w this. Wake up and check out Dahboo77 Channel!  The US Holds the patent for this strain of ebola anyway, so of course they have a cure.

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II says:

dude looks like Justin Timberlake

Miles Prower says:

Haply, as we art immune to the disease, we may introduceth the virus to our culinary mast'ry, and cook it in our finest of restaurants. 

-Miles Prower

Propaganda Jamboree says:

Its a Racist Disease!  

GhostXoP says:

Id make sure they aren't carriers in some way. 

Marissa Stoumbaugh says:

I get the cold virus every year, no immunity! how do they know in 12 days that they are now immune?

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