Airborne Ebola Fear Sparks Emergency VA Hospital HVAC Contract

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Veterans Hospital Orders Emergency Installation of HEPA Air Filters to Create A Multi-person Ebola Quarantine Ward
The Veterans Administration hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is expecting the near term arrival of a number of Ebola patients and is creating an entire Ebola Ward to handle the infected patient inflow. It is unclear if Puerto Rico is the defacto “leper colony” for US Service Men who become infected with Ebola in Africa via Operation United Assistance, or if its for a purely Puerto Rican Ebola outbreak.

The hospital is fearful that the Airborne spread of Ebola out of their quarantine ward will “create a situation where an outbreak of Ebola may happen to patient, guest or employees”. The Veterans Administration has categorized this as an emergency situation, and has awarded a no-bid emergency contract to install HEPA air filters in the Ward’s return air HVAC ducting.

The Ebola Ward will be located on the 2nd floor of South Bed Tower, identified as building 8 in this Va Map.
(see source link for map)

The Hospital states:

“As such this situation is considered an emergency and prompt attention is a required delaying repair will create a situation where an outbreak of Ebola may happen to patient, guest or employees.”
“San Juan needs to conduct emergency installation of HEP Filters at the HVAC line that serves Ward 2K of the South Bed Tower”
“The vendor must provide and install a filter frame for the return duct and HEPA filters for the return and supply systems. Once completed the Contractor must test and Balance the area (ward 2K of the South Bed Tower)”
“This emergency service is for the creation of a Ward to attend suspected patients with the Ebola Virus that have to be quarantine. “
“Ward 2K of the South Bed Tower must be prepared to attend patients that have acquired or are suspected of being a carrier of the Ebola Virus. Engineering work needs to be done to mitigate and prevent further exposure to the virus.”
“These changes to the HVAC system are needed at once to preclude impairment of healthcare delivery capabilities or mission performance in case of a patient contaminated with the Ebola Virus.”
” Prior authorization was obtained to process this emergency and is filled on the briefcase under P11 approve emergency order.”
Facility is working with the Ward to make a long term care unit for any other outbreak”



michael d Sollows says:

fear porn ..? yes .. if Ebola was real it would have wiped out Africa … sickness is the #1 industry .. enjoy that ..

defdad says:

I believe its nothing to do with soldiers infected in africa being bought home to be treated. The timescale is wrong the pandemic exercise is just 9 days away. Has nobody actually looked to see what was carried out in exercise 1 and 2 last year!? I have and it all becomes apparent!

frankr0dz7 says:

Dr. Cornelius Rhoades all over again

blues2oo says:

Once the Ebola virus reaches Puerto Rico it will infiltrate the US, cuz remember Puerto Ricans are us citizen they only need their drivers license to enter the USA. And besides US government was preparing this whole scenario a couple years ago. Remember the coffins in Georgia FEMA COFFINS AND EBOLA OUTBREAK 2014 

Eduardo Rivera says:

Stock up on Colloidal Silver.

FixItStupid says:

 'Uranium Hexafluoride' Release at Honeywell Works In Illinois

Termater 1 says:

This is very sick, sick, sick, in the past PR has been the "Island of Dr. Moreau" back in the 1930's Dr. Cornelius Rhoades was the Dr. Mengele or Angel of Death experimenting on citizens without their knowledge or consent and infected them with many types of viruses and specifically cancers all paid by the Rockefeller Foundation and nobody did anything then, do you think the Army cares or the President, this order probably came from the White House. Why don't they send them to Guantanamo in Cuba?
 People living on the island should make this aware big time to the whole world… 

Loosecannon787 says:

 there is no such "Ebola" fake shit here. Just in case.

puertorricane says:

US always have use PR as their dumpster for all experime ts since their invasion in 1898. They gave us cancer with their uranium bombs in vieques, sterelized our women in masses in the 50s and a bunch of other experiments like testing agent orange before using it in vietnam. Now they want to bring their infected with ebola soldiers here cause in their mind we are dispensable. That's why we need independence ASAP.

Toval says:

Why PR. I live only a few miles from that Hospital in San Juan and im upgrading my preps in case they are that stupid.

Charlie Dominguez says:

"Well, f**k PR, right?"

Dupper bob says:

People tend to spit in small amounts when they talk, that is a transmission route, and in that light, they have addressed this issue with this  measures.

suziq977 says:

what's scary is that the one aerosolized drop of blood could easily be put into a chemtrail and there wouldnt be a damn thing anybody could do about it. Live each n every moment forward, as if it were your last!  Peace!  :/  

harKazoid86's N64 Hub says:

BSL-4 agents like Ebola need to be double-HEPA filtered on the exhaust air so could break containment if this isn't done correct with negative pressure rooms 70mB below 1 atmosphere (outside the room). I think it's 30mB negative pressure for BSL-3 isolation eg drug-resistant TB

freedom1mac says:

Maybe people don't realize that it is our government who has created this crisis!  We don't really even know if any of this is true.  What I see is our government stealing taxpayer money as usual and giving it to another Country!  Has everyone forgotten that this government is made up of nothing but crooks!  They lie every time they speak!  This is so ridiculous and so predictable that this was going to happen.  Bill Gates, Monsanto, US Government has a patent on Ebola.  Don't you people get it yet!  So, let’s forget that the US government planned the take down of the twin towers just to past the Patriot Act!  Let’s just forget about Eric Holder & Obama’s gun running!  Let’s forget about the 3 trillion dollars that was missing or unaccounted for by the Pentagon just before 9/11.  Oh let’s not forget about Ambassador Stevens being killed and got no help from Hillary Clinton or Obama.  No instead they were told to stand down.  And Hillary just says what difference does it make how or why Mr. Stevens was killed.  Let’s not forget the 5 terrorist Obama traded for a deserter.  Then let’s not forget the IRS scandal involving Obama & Lois Lerner.  What has happen here is these people are literally getting away with murder & treason.  They are arming the Syrian Rebels and ISIS.  In fact have we forgotten that it was the West who trained these barbarians?  Does anyone realize the ISIS really stands for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service!  We need no more new security laws or any laws for that matter.  It seems that all of the above are above the law.  They can go fuck themselves.  These people are liars and so is the CDC, FDA, WHO, etc.   The News is worthless and so are our Politicians.  All they want is your money!  And they are killing you softly with vaccines!  Wish you all the best too bad most of you are still falling for their lies!  They are laughing at you all the way to the bank!

eddivision15 says:

HEPA filters are only good down to .3 micron sized particulates but the ebola virus is as small as .02 microns in size so it won't really work.
Most likely this is just a money grab via this no bid contract. LOL
A high quality UV duct filter is required to kill the virus but it needs to be very carefully engineered so the air velocity through the UV filter is not so fast as to allow the time in the light to be killed.
I don't think that any US hospitals have this technology in place and this is usually reserved for bio-research labs as in level 4 containment.   

Jackie Welsh says:

Its not ebola its another virus that is what they are prepping for…H5N1? Something to that nature…ebola is just waking everyone up to be more careful…where are the family of Mr Duncan? Hmmm? Shouldn't they be sick..I mean they cleaned vomit. Swapped spit…hugged kissed what happen to them…don't get all rowled up over this one..its the other one that is the worry this winter

skybirdbird says:

wow… tkx…

dgrm76 says:

Ok, just heard on Alex Jones that a doctor said that they are "disappearing" ebola patients at that hospital, saying they have Malaria. But, the doctors and nurses know that it is not. What sayeth others…If its true, my husband is to have surgery there, does anyone suggest postponing it?

King vic says:

thx I live in Pureto Rico and first time i heard this 

Laura Smith says:

When connecting the dots,  don't forget PR is part of FEMA region 2 with NY and NJ

whatwhyandwhos says:

Thank you for not being on the fake threat band wagon. I find the virulent nature of this virus something to be concerned about and to watch. We all know that fear and panic are never a good option in life, but it is said to hope for the best while preparing for the worst is a good mantra for survival.

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