Aide Worker Blasts Her Ebola Quarantine

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Chris Christie quarantines a nurse in New Jersey, in violation of her human rights, who had just returned from West Africa and showed no symptoms… This cli…


Bolgernow says:

Wow, record level hate trolls here today. Sad. She is a nurse. She does not
have Ebola. Yet, this is the insanity we have of leaders who know nothing of
Ebola, disease, or Medicine, yet are creating policy against it. Ask

Scardy Kat says:

She is a drama queen get over it

7heRedBaron says:

Taken in context, none of the elected Bozos give a rat’s tail about the
infectious diseases that are already in epidemic proportions right now.
Hep-C has a cure now, but are these two rallying to raise the money to
cure thousands who are already sick and wipe out a deadly disease that
should be finished off as soon as possible? No. That’s too expensive, and
they would have to shoo off many of their special interests to get that
kind of doe. They don’t even really care about Ebola, because if they did
they would be getting real information from real professionals. But they
really do care about getting in front of the cameras. They care about the
precious photo op looking like George Patton rallying the troops. Against
a defenseless nurse we get a troop of police cars, sirens and flashing
lights. Against any diseases that are an imminent threat to many right
now, we get, “How about that Ebola?” Well, how about federal prison

LibertyDownUnder says:

Ebola has a death rate of 50% and the 3 week quarantine IS JUSTIFIED.
She said herself that she watched people die, so it’s only rational to
quarantine her too.
The mentioned ‘health officials’ are having their instructions politicized
due the upcoming election. They are being told to stay quiet and downplay
Sam & his clowns are playing along with this insane and dangerous path of
ignoring the risk. Picking apart individual cases and trying to provoke
emotional responses from the public is shameful.

ctwatcher says:

I read that we quarantine horses for 5 months as we value our horses more
than we value all of us slaves for the pig corporation. Calling on all
American whites and blacks to stand together! Of course all true Americans
invited to the party. Time to tear down this mentally ill govt. of 2
parties. Start over with one that truly represents the people. Now that’s

catalot says:

If Quarantining health workers who have treated ebola patients in Africa is
deemed necessary, then by the same reasoning all of the medical personnel
who treated Eric Duncan in Texas should be quarantined, and by extension,
all those who are currently treating the doctor in New York. With every new
patient–hopefully few–this problem multiplies, just when we could use the
experienced medical help. Monitoring makes sense. Quarantining medical
personnel with no symptoms is senseless.

Socialist Skeptic says:

When white people with disposable income are infected they are treated and
usually survive, but in the third world it’s an epidemic that’s killing
scores of people.

Why? It’s not profitable to treat poor third worlders, so only charities
will do it, and charity while well meaning and involving some of the best
examples humanity has to offer is still nonetheless always inadequate.

Valentinia Korshunakova says:

Leave it to uneducated politicians who are complete crap at running their
state to make policy decisions on topics they have little understanding of.
Either consult with the medical experts, or stay the fuck out of it.

Armando7654 says:

I get it!
Seder has a problem the infected are not treated “EQUALLY” with the
infected, because that privileges one of the two. You can’t you see,
protect America from the Ebola because that would be resorting to
“inequality” to stop the spread. The clown Seder, instead of dealing with a
disease at hand tries to apply his insane theory of equality to real-life
emergencies, for the sake of equality NOT health, just to see what happens.
What a dangerous loon! 

valhala56 says:

Hey people there is a middle ground you know. From the left wanting to
spread ebola all over to the right wanting to put quarantines in solaritary
confinement in a jail cell. How about a real nice Quarantine, You know
like people care-like a hotel room not a jail cell. Wouldn’t that be a
simple fix? 

Johny Diala says:

She should be humanely quarantined for a minimum of a month, with extensive
medical testing, before being released. The risk that she has ebola is
marginal, but nevertheless this is a precaution which must be taken. An
Ebola epidemic in the United States, indeed anywhere outside of Africa, is
a catastrophe which must be prevented at all costs. 

enrique baloyra says:

wingnuts running government

Armando7654 says:

What about human rights of the uninfected, to stay uninfected?
So the rights of the uninfected people should be trumped by “the Rights of
the Ebola” to spread?
Her human rights have not been denied. Just extra – Ebola rights, not

Zoran Cosic says:

She should shut hell up before she get executed, I don’t want that ebola
shit on my streets!

fml2013 says:

hope she get a couple mil. murica

Anthony Woodroffe says:

Quarantined without food water medicine of your choice for twenty one days
sounds like death to me ! 

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