After pictures taken of the Ebola ZOMBIE, now Liberia imposes MEDIA restrictions!!!!

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DJ ZADOK says:

ZOMBIE OUT BREAK – will be so cool unless they are the fast mover undead
… then we need to get to high ground … but come on how cool with this
be right ? … The Walking Dead 2015
……………………………………….. Z

kcsunnyone says:

I read an article awhile ago about the reanimation of the dead and it was a
part of a controlled release of that virus and vaccine and it was around
the Gulf of Mexico. It was airborne, and remember the facee-eating homeless
in Miami? That guy was part of that group. I knew then that a zombie
apocalypse was in the making, and the fema internal and external
preparation recommendations over the past 5 yrs have only confirmed that.
Ebola virus has recombinated with other elements, making it airborne and
highly transmissble via dried sweat, semen, blood that is dried, and it can
be dispersed in aerosol, water, food.

eddWyrd says:

I died from Ebola 3 weeks ago. 

Anne M says:

Wow more restrictions on the media, just like they when this all started.
You know how the media were instructed to blackout any info about the bio
chem research lab which were testing ebola virus, being smack dab in the
heart of this outbreak…Backed by the devil himself, Gates

Joe Kidwell says:

so if ebola comes and goes in the US with very few casualties and no
zombies at one point do you admit that you may have been just a little bit

Dave Moss says:

i cant believe people are talking about zombies. it is impossible to die
and come back to life from a virus. two actual people have ever rose from
the dead. lazurus and jesus, both from the hand of god. people don’t come
back from the dead. where is common sense these days.

Only One Way says:

Is this true? The government is stopping shipments of Vitamin C and
colloidal silver to where Africa?
Hey we know the feeling. My husband and I have been warning people about
what’s coming and they are treating us the same way. We are fear mongering
and not trusting The Lord. The thing is we live in the Houston area so how
close does this thing have to get before people will start preparing and
getting ready. Once a pandemic hits it’s too late to get any kind of
supplies and if they quarantine or declare martial law in a big city you
are trapped right where you are. So in view of being scorned we have chosen
to forgive and just quietly carry on with our own preps. It’s better to
have stuff than not. I bet they made fun of Noah all those years too!

marcus ming says:

this is some resident evil 5 shit.

Jesse Jamison says:

I understand your sentiments completely. But if you sent me into an ebola
zone with some vitamin c and colloidal silver, I’d shoot you. Your best
defense against disease and such is your skin… and ebola goes right
through it. Get off your homeopathic remedy bs. And nano silver /colloidal
silver wont work. It just doesn’t.

88msbugsy says:

There is also reports that the red cross is possibly creating the problem.
Bill Gates and his vaccines that were meant for Africa- Google “Bill Gates
C02 vaccines and top videos show he was/is doing vaccines there and also
wants to lower C02- he speaks in double talk at this conference- so just
maybe they are hiding something? IDK, but we all need to keep researching.

Paul Bennett says:

You are a lunatic

The Anonymous Patriot says:

+Crusaders2127 Brother I hate to burst your bubble but the Ebola Zombie
thing is Hoax.
Proof >> (Ebola
Zombie pic that was photoshopped)
More proof >> Other Ebola Zombie pic
Photo shopped >
The REAL image before photoshop >
(from the movie Andromeda Strain)
It’s called Tineye Search brother.
Ebola Zombies…. debunked.

Erik Bradstreet says:

Is there a link for the footage of the zombies?

R.T.S says:

So I was thinking about the 3000 troops and if zombies do start to pop up
it would make sense why they were sent.

Adam Bartlett says:

Crusade work hard on providing evidence. Cos rite now .. This zombie shit
is rediculous . This could make or break you pal

Table .Trivia says:

we do know zombies will have there time but yuck

Crusaders2127 says:
Dancing Dark says:

Totally faked by the ex CDC guy on CNN I believe. Double check that but its

Gun Slinger says:

That is a very good point, we haven’t really seen a whole lot of anything
from those countries…occasionally a few pictures or a video news piece
but that’s about it. Something is definitely going on…not sure exactly
what it is, but it is odd. And the fact that our own Govt refuses to close
the borders and restrict all flights from that area says a lot as
well…it’s like they KNOW what’s going on over there and they WANT it to
spread here in the U.S….really scary shit going on.

Lisa G says:

> ZECHARIAH 14:12-15 < speaks of a plague that sounds Zombie like! And the Lord will send a "PLAGUE" on all the nations that fought against Jerusalem. Their people will become Like "WALKING CORPSES" their " FLESH ROTTING AWAY" Their "EYES will SHRIVEL in their Sockets" and Their "TONGUES will DECAY in their mouths " on that day they will be terrified, stricken by the Lord with Great Panic They will fight against each other in hand to hand combat; Judah, too, will be fight at Jerusalem. the wealth of all the neighbouring nations will be captured > great quantities of Gold and Silver and fine clothing.
This same plague will strike the horses, mules, camels, donkeys and all the
other animals in the enemy camps!

~ Ok I don’t know about you but first of all I def don’t want to be
considered an enemy of Jerusalem !
~This plague sounds very much Zombie like wouldn’t u agree?
~these last few years in Hollywood and tv land we have been seeing so many
shows and movies that are about zombies as well as demons..curious isn’t it?
~as for ebola I don’t think its going to give us zombies but mixed with
rabies the two create zombie like behaviours..this has been tested in
pharmaceutical companies as well as studied in university institutes
science labs O_O why?
its like the people in the world are being prepped for the existence of
zombies as being a reality! soldies training for zombie attacks! People
what do they know we aren’t being told?

So today here I am sitting in the morning reading this scripture! O_O !!!
and I couldn’t believe it! I trust Gods word and it looks like he has a
Zombie plague coming against the enemy of his People Jerusalem!
we are all part of the end days and we are going to see the end day events
unfold before our eyes just like whats happening with ebola and them
forcing people to take a vaccine that’s probably going to hurt the person
receiving it! don’t take any more vaccines! it is biological warfare that
is going on now!….any weapons formed against us shall not prosper that
means vaccines used as weapons against the masses for the depopulation of
the world.

something very important to think about people…sounds like something out
of a movie but its reality!

miss raven says:

is this REALLY happening, zombies, i mean. there is a lot of ppl saying
this is all fake. just 2 frighten ppl. where is your PROOF n evidence
coming from. i however, have had visions of zombies rising from the dead.
but then, as u said, why send soilders to africa with flame throwers. mmmm,
i’m not so sure.

Mike bean says:

this is so stupid , zombies don’t even exist stop trying to pump everyone’s
head up

Eliza Raffles says:

That plane MH70 or was it 17? Well, it was one of the Malaysia flights
that went down. It was carrying world-reknown AIDS and EBOLA RESEARCHERS.
I thought I read somewhere that the EBOLA researcher may have been a
whistleblower. and a government official blonde woman actually said EBOLA

blackbeauty2020 says:

Voodoo perhaps?

Tonzie Norman says:

Since when did they start caring about stuff like that?

Heidi BlindToTheTruth says:
Marcus Unitis says:


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