African Migrant Fleeing Ebola Details 11 Country Journey (Full Interview)

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Need help with translation email me


Gaba Haba says:

Yeah great to see Infowars gonna help out an illegal with a gift card! Nice! Oh wait I better be quiet cause Rob & Owen will try and ban my YouTube account just like they did my InfoWars army account. Infowars only likes the TRUTH when it suits them. #CUCKS is what they really are.

Ryan Oldfield says:

Great to see a Rob Dew report!

News Supreme says:

if you can provide a translation to what this man is saying please send transcript to

Alexandra Bruce says:

I'm able to understand him perfectly. His English is not too great but he speaks French, Spanish and Portuguese. Unlike many of the Central Americans coming over in the caravans, he says he's a skilled laborer, a crane operator who's worked on oil rigs. He is not an illiterate peasant. He says he's leaving Angola because there are no prospects there. He wants to stay in San Antonio and get a job to provide for his family, to get his children into school, etc. He says it took him 4 months to get from Brazil to Mexico. He says that Mexican law enforcement are corrupt and require bribes and are treating the Africans badly. He saved up to pay for this trip and got help from Catholic charities.

Fox Mulder says:

'Action 7 News'!! Shhhh…. ,D

Anthony LDS says:

This guy speaks fine English you need to speak slowly and use simple words! Have you ever been to a foreign country? lmao

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