Africa, Guinea-Bissau: CRS Guinea-Bissau – Malaria Prevention – Bush Meat and Ebola Prevention

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illuminAid empowers international organizations to create their own, community-driven videos for development. illuminAid enables the most under-served communities in the world to lift themselves out of poverty by gaining access to knowledge that can transform their lives.

Our Positioning Statement
We bring long-term, sustainable development to communities in the developing world by teaching local individuals and community based organizations to deliver the latest training and information in health, agriculture, education and other disciplines. We do this by working with subject matter experts and teaching locals how to produce educational videos using low cost video cameras, cordless projectors and solar-powered charging kits to reach remote locations.

illuminAid believes that local organizations are the experts in local interventions. By empowering organizations to create videos, we can help them better reach more of the most underserved and rural communities using less staff and fewer resources. With recent advancements in technology – like mini cameras and handheld projectors – everyone can use video as an educational tool, with or without electricity.

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