Aerosolized Ebola vaccine protects primates

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Ebola virus causes severe hemorrhagic fever and is readily transmitted through contact with or inhalation of aerosolized biological fluids from infected individuals. Vaccines against this deadly virus are currently in development. As Ebola outbreaks often occur in areas of Africa that lack infrastructure and trained medical personal, development of a needle-free vaccine would be advantageous. In this episode, Alexander Bukreyev and Michelle Meyer discuss their work, which demonstrates that an aerosolized formulation of an Ebola vaccine protects rhesus macaques from infection. The aerosolized version of the vaccine elicited an Ebola-specific response that was on par or better that an injected, liquid form of the same vaccine. Importantly, a single vaccination with the aerosolized formulation conferred 100% protection to macaques exposed to a lethal dose of Ebola virus. Together, these results support evaluation of the aerosolized vaccine formulation in clinical trials.


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