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9 Ebola Facts Everyone Should Know | Ebola Videos

9 Ebola Facts Everyone Should Know

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Ebola is a very dangerous virus. It does not care what race or gender you are. Please take the time to understand what this virus does and how you can protec…

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Gotta get the wakeup call shut down africa asap 

SneakySandhu says:

Guys,! want to die, where can i find ebola infected person?

Alex Ritter says:

Wait… wasn’t swine flu supposed to wipe out humanity? 

XxXSwegXfedoraXxX says:

I really hope this takes out atleast 30% of the current world population 

This is angelo says:

Nice video whatVIRALnow…get it?

Branden Brown says:


roger garcia says:

So does that mean i cant have sex with a cowgirl? *buhdum chhh* XD

Ryan Garnham says:

Never though it would end like this, though it would’ve been a zombie

black and 6lue says:

Some douche playing plague inc named their disease ebola, that’s how this
started back up

insane gamer says:

This is how Satan’s going kill us

Christian says:

I hope there is a cure

jake greenwood says:

I live in Canada. If it’s in U.S.A I am surprised it’s not BIG here in

Pineapples gaming says:


Adrian Stornes says:


EvoL Achilleus says:

People say that the uk has the cure and the same with the use but
apparently only white people was able to have it but I thank that’s a lie 

jimmy lamarre says:

the cure is nano silver

32parchy says:

Ebola is nothing to fear, the news makes this seem more serious than it is
by fear mongering. And Shep Smith called the news out on it.

H Jr says:

Am i the only one not giving a fuck about ebola 

will gamer says:

When did I become a npc in pandemic 2 lol

zakky1000 says:

Orfases ? Its orifices 

Justin Laturnus says:

Why does almost every one of the videos the people talking sound like
fucking robots.

Alberto Lumbreras says:

I live in Wylie…2 hours away from Dallas….

Deshawn Bealsley says:

There is a specific bat that was found a couple days ago containing ebola
antiboties, preventives and cure.

Jonathan Gordon says:

It’s nothing to joke about it spread to Texas where I’ve just move for work
and I see homeless people everyday laying on the street with Ebola just
slowly dyeing it’s terrible I’ve seen dogs dead of it rats laying on the
roads it’s terrible if this can’t be contained it’s gonna spread all over
the world not trying to preach but it’s very helpful to know what’d going
on in the world these days so just don’t take it as a joke you could be the
one that had this one day and Ur gonna look back and say I should of
listened and not made fun of those people that’s all I have to day. Hope
you all have a very blessed day and really think about this 

WaterWorldPlanet says:

Can you just wear a gasmask to prevent Ebola or does it infect through

Shane Higgins says:


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