8 Chinese medics treating sick Ebola patient under quarantine in Sierra Leone

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Turning now to the latest on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa…
Eight Chinese medics have been placed in isolation in Sierra Leone… after the Ebola patient they were treating died of the hemorrhagic virus.
Chinese Ambassador Zhao Yanbo said the 7 doctors and 1 nurse have been quarantined for the past two weeks… as the hospital where they were working was fumigated and closed temporarily.
This as the World Health Organization is set to make an announcement on this Tuesday on the *ethics of using unauthorized medicine on Ebola patients… amid rising debate on who has access to the serum… and who does not.
Three non-Africans with the virus are being treated with the experimental drug Zmapp, and two of them are said to be making a steady recovery.
Currently there is no available vaccine for Ebola,… and the death toll from the virus is fast approaching one-thousand.


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