7 Reasons NOT To Be Terrified of Ebola!

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The recent outbreak of Ebola started in Guinea during December 2013 and has spread to six countries, including the United States.Having a fear of the disease…


Altan Aesthetics says:

Pretty wrong about it not being Airborne , Multiple sources has stated that
it is airborne and you can get it airborne 

MLGTroy1 says:

im not going to freakout about ebola untill ebola has killed more people
than cops

strkilla89 says:

Anti bacterial soap won’t help with a virus. Do your research.

nathanexplosion94 says:

these guys are idiots they have no clue

Anthony Browne says:

Yea but some people sneeze really hard and u see snot and saliva spew into
the air, can u catch it that way?

Mrcheesydancer says:

I’m not scared about getting ebola, i wouldn’t even mind
What scares me the most is knowing that they don’t have a cure yet
But if they did, i would be the most relaxed dude in the world

BadgerCheese94 says:

7 reasons not to be terrified about Ebola? How about one… The real


Seth Goldstein says:

7 Reasons NOT To Be Terrified Of Ebola

Good explanation of why not to be freaked out by Ebola. Thanks +TYT
University +The Young Turks 

MoNsTeRKING KiLLa says:

What about europe?

dredoc1 says:

Its only transmitted by a SICK person. An infected person, who is Not sick,
does not transmit the virus! (unlike HIV, which both transmit)

Jodo Saurus says:

This made me feel better, Thanks c;

Ayanah Mccabe says:

The funny thing is my aunt died of it but my dad wouldn’t tell me but I
know now.

imJZTme4EVAbitch says:

so anything can go airborne? that’s kind of a scary thought…. like what
if cancer or aids go airborne?.. lets all live in sterile plastic

Robin Carney says:

It’s sad that most Americans didn’t give a single shit about ebola until a
few weeks ago. It’s been around since the 70s

babrams275 says:

Uhhh 50% mortality rate is still fucking high. Flip a coin and pick a side
lol see how many times youre wrong on the call

Dave says:

I’m really meant to take advice from Jayar?
(And no, its not because he is black) 

Fire Breathing Rubber Duckie says:

Thank you ebola-chan!
I love you ebola-chan!

TheDa99ykane says:

Ebola went airborne in 1989 at Hazelton Research Laboratory. It was only
deadly to primates. Just correcting your statement it never went airborne.
Look it up.

itstiffanew says:

What if your talking to a person who has Ebola and they talk but sometimes
spit gets out of their mouth and lands on your skin? And what if ie it gets
on your hands and you rub your eyes? You never know dam 

alehodr says:

antibacterial to kill ebola??? WTF, sorry but there is not specific
treatment for Ebola cause it is a fucking VIRUS, is just like dengue or
chikungunya, you can only use drugs to treat symptoms in the patient
(acetaminophen, NaCl solution, antibiotics for opportunist infections
BACTERIAL ONES, etc…) but not a medicine to kill the virus, not yet, your
WBC have to do that job, but the virus kills you before you can respond in
50% of the cases. Again that mortality rate depends of the serotype of the
virus and the place, in this case some poor countries in africa, however
i’m pretty sure that the mortality rate could be lower in first world

The Bible Belt Atheist says:

Okay TYT…I tell ya what, I have been subbed to you guys since the
start…and you guys have been wrong on this ebola issue from start, I
fucking promise you if you guys make one more fucking video on how we have
nothing to worry about im going to unsub. THIS WILL SPREAD. Stop blaming
the hospitals and blame the fucktards that decided to let ebola into our

Cheyenne Marie says:

I just went through the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) international airport, and
there was no such screening or any indication of being on “high alert.”
Then again I was only there for a few hours and maybe I came between cycles
or something.

Shy Knight says:

i know this sounds stupid but when they say bodily fluids does that include

ArcoTheOshawott says:

Plagued Inc. Evolved! xD 

Matthew Battle says:

The problem of not being afraid of Ebola but being afraid that the most
expensive health system in the world will greatly increase your chance of
catching the disease! 

xip09 says:

HIV doesnt kill..

Bethany Francia says:

Well I definitely should be afraid because there are two cases in my area
or district in California. That’s a little too close to home. I have a
legitimate reason to be slightly paranoid! X__X

Pompomicas says:

I was never afraid of it but, I still hate the people that out of no where
are making jokes about it now, seems extremely disrespectful to the people
that have died to the virus already.

iUhMazexD says:

So does getting sneezed on count?

vulcao111 says:

why do you only talk about the USA what about europe

UnMondeKawaii says:

I live in FRANCE i ´m scared

drunkenjay says:

how to make every country contract ebola

get every ebola patient to every water reserve/dams and make them jump off.
the ebola virus will spread through taps etc and humanity will suffer. 

Royals says:

Also by sweat.

So don’t touch anyone. And anything wet and damp. With any parts of your

zobieandme says:

First its ALS now ebola 

A RAM says:

in a real Zombie Apocalypse these 2 dumb host will sure not gonna make it 

suziecreamchease says:

this is TYT at its most incoherent, illogical and all round pretty fecking

until 5:10

CivicHB says:

One of my wife’s old friends called her today freaking out and talking
about how we’re all going to be wiped out in the next 2 years because Obama
is actively trying to bring ebola into the nation. After ending the
conversation my wife came to me and said “I just had the stupidest
conversation I’ve ever had with someone..”

Oh btw this old ‘friend’ of hers LOVES Sarah Palin. *smh* I can’t believe
there are people that think like this.

Nicole Hirsch says:

Yeah I’ve always thought it was stupid since the start of this whole Ebola
crap. How people are freaking out So much..seriously…chill!

Fooly's Mind says:

I want to get hit by Harley…….Harley Quinn 

Sasset Gingerelli says:

We needed this

Alzar McHorse says:

Just letting you guys know, anti bacterial soap will have no effect on
ebola, as its a virus. Its the hand washing itself that is effective. In
fact people shouldn’t use anti bacterial soap at all, its adding to the
creation of ‘super bugs’. Ordinary soap is just as effective in stoping the
spread of bacteria and viruses, as its the motion of rubbing the hands
together that cleans your hands. If you’re really worried, use alcohol
based hand sanitisers. Alcohol effects the cell chemistry in a way that
bacteria and viruses can’t adapt to. 



ReichHop says:

i have ebola and you know i think it is great

MsAquamonkey says:

If Ebola was airborne, there would have been hundreds, if not thousands of
cases in the US, Spain, and the UK, three countries that have treated and
cured almost all of the patients there that caught it. The only way to get
it is if someone infected vomits, sweats, ejaculates, bleeds, urinates and
or defecates on you. Even if you wear a bio-hazard suit, if you take it
off, with your hands, it will be on your hands. If you don’t wash them, and
say you get an itch in your eye, or on your face, and you scratch/touch it.
It will be on your skin then, and be absorbed.

Some people in Africa have survived Ebola, without bio-hazard suits,
sometimes without adequate sanitation too. 

Ella Ball says:

I’m not scared since its 15,000 against 7,000,000,000 other people…..I
think most of us will be alright, especially if you have good hygiene or
good health care….So….Yeah, I’m good lol

Saida Evans says:

7 Reasons NOT To Be Terrified of Ebola!: http://youtu.be/z4wg7plTKkE

Drunken Hobo says:

I wonder… If ebola was to mutate into a zombie virus, how awesome would
it be. Hmmmm

Faith Lukens says:

Actually, it is less likely it would go airborne. It would have to go
backwards as it would weaken the virus. Oh and it takes 2-21 says till the
first symptoms show (like tyt said the flu) and it isn’t till that point
that it become contagious. I believe the person goes through explosive
diarrhea, uncontrollable puking, forming purple sores (it some kind of sore
it’s been awhile) we learned about this in apbio last week. 

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