5 Terrifying Facts About Ebola

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Ebola outbreak 2014: 5 terrifying facts and secrets you should know about the Ebola virus. Subscribe to Dark5 ▻ http://bit.ly/dark5 Presenting 5 horrifying f…


TheFearedOnex BG says:

Ebola is GMO (genetically modified organisms) The USA Government Made it
on “Plum Island” and they released it on Africa to test it and make
adjustments to it too make it perfect and now that it is it will go all
around the world and kill us all Everyone that calls me a lier….GO LOOK
Do Research And Call Me Out On BS Your A Fucking Retard Nuff Said STOP
flippin shit about it because thats what they want you to do THEY want us
to flip shit over it everyone chill the fuck down and we will be fine ALSO
dont always believe what you see on news…they control all that also….

Cornelius Vaginus says:

Also Ebola has 60% chance of reaching the Uk so I’m fucked 

voliker says:

Ebola is overrated. I sure that it willn’t spread further than Africa.
Media is panicing and overrating as always.
But on the over side a lot of people dying from Ebole in Africa and the
more people in Western countries feared by it the more they will spend to
find the cure and save more people.

Without that panic people gave zero fucking attention to finding the cure
for dying Africans.

bustin nuts says:

i like ebola, i hope it gets airborne and a few billions of people die,
it’s too much idiots on this planet.

BigLittle Sloth says:

If you’re scared of Ebola, you really shouldn’t be. The only reason it’s so
big in Africa is the poor healthcare. The mortality rate isn’t too bad and
is really as bad as a flu (until all your organs dissolve) if it comes to a
well developed country such as America the chance it will spread or even
kill anyone is extremely low.
TL;DR Dont worry, be happy!

Chuck Noris says:

6) Ebola is spread by atheists on the Internet worshipping a death goddess-
it sounds outlandish but I promise, it is as real as you or me and you must
believe me if you wish to live. They seek to spread the disease wipe out
ALL Christians & Muslims. Only regular prostrations and meditation on
Mary’s Rosary will save Mankind (Genesis 3:15), I tell you this in love,
Brothers. Spread the word and don’t let the atheist death cult destroy you!

Sample Text says:


Cyanide Glory says:

At least the North is safe, Ebola cannot survive cold temperatures.

goldtop91 says:

White Race contributions to the advancement of mankind = Nearly Everything

Nigger contributions to the advancement of mankind = Ebola, rap music,

Silveus says:

Wait… how the fuck can a government own a virus?

Gorillazbruh123211 says:

Why don’t we just kill of the people who have Ebola in the US? I’d rather
have them dead then suffering the pain also they’d be sacrificing to their
land and people. 

sietse de boer says:

this outbreak was caused by an african dude eating an ape, what if all of
humanity went extinct by this ebola outbreak, all of humanity died by a
dude eating an ape like WTF africa you morons

MeetMyMeat says:

The sixth and most important fact: if you live in the Western World, you’re
most likely not going to get Ebola, so stop worrying about it and stop
spreading useless panic.

Maud Audry Kasey says:

a bunch of autistics should be contained in a secure room with ebola.

Walrus Lord says:

There are now concerns Ebola could be airborne, and not spread through
bodily fluids.

aManiacApple says:

that thumbnail reminded me of a dick

mmuu9966 says:

Read in the news that Ebola is expected to reach UK by the end of October..

Evan says:

Caught Ebola bout a week ago 

NiallTheAwesome says:

eboler kils 69 peopel erry 1 nanoseccund
plz donat all ur munney 2 eboler resurch so whey cn fnd cuiore
driv saef

Yayforcake says:

I have a friend in Africa. :(

I see that you are taking time out of your day to read my completely unnecessarily long username. says:

The only countrys that will survive will be sewden, norway, finland and
denmark and we togehetor we will create the new master race of hot blonde

Richard Cardiel says:

So what are we gonna die from first ISIS, Ebola, Russia, or the child
disease D-68?

Lauren S.C. says:

Yeah. It’s a very scary virus, if you get infected. Unless you have coffee
into contact with feces, urine, blood, sweat, saliva, snot, downstairs
juice, or any other bodily fluid of someone who has Ebola… then you don’t
have Ebola. It is scary that the Ebola cases are now spreading to Spain. 3
cases the last I heard. It’s the first cases of Ebola outside of Africa and
the U.S. ever. I am all for humanitarian work, but come on. The media is
making this so blow out of proportion, but it is true that it only takes
one person who doesn’t know they have Ebola to sneeze, shake a few hands,
forget to wash their hands, touch things on a plane… and boom. Whoever
touched those things they touched will be infected. And so on and so on.
Watch the movie Contagion. It’s pretty fucked and it started out just like
this. Oh well. Here’s me becoming more of a hermit than I already am.
Cheers mate. 

Night says:

Ebola is the perfect reason as to why Africans need to stay in their own
damn country

Littlebigun99 says:

Apparently ebola isn’t actually a significant danger to first world
countries like US, Canada, UK, ect

johnwalen says:

I have family in Africa :(. Did Ebola already spread to Ghana? Pls answer

hind melo says:

Nobody touch me

Brisk AquarioHD says:


Maik Witthoeft says:

Get a new intro please! Your videos are awesome, but the intro sucks

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