25 People Who Only Had One Job and Screwed It Up

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groszak1 says:

It's all viral!

bazooka Joe says:

0:45 that is a poop smell enclosure so you can take your morning dump without stinking up the rest of the bathroom

Justin Y.2 says:

some one in mancado MN put stpo instead of stop on a street

_Dylan James2019_ says:

the handicapped stairs one is just rude

Dude Sweet says:

Why are people so stupid!?!?!?

Lord Black says:

We really need to put a "sopt" to these idiotic shenanigans.

Kaden Hornberger says:

0:52 you can see him taking the picture in the mirror backwards so they pranking us

McChill AlbertFlamingo says:

When you see a oinons as corn

Just Dev says:

Would anybody like a pop-tard?

Shoe Shack says:

the milk happened to me once -_-

Gunchap Red says:

1:20 I'm just gonna pass on Jared Folgeing kids today.

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