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25 Curious Facts About Ebola You Should Know | Ebola Videos

25 Curious Facts About Ebola You Should Know

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The whole world is anxiously watching the news about the Ebola outbreak centered in Western Africa. So far, it has been the largest Ebola outbreak ever recor…

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Apollo Friskyz says:

number 26: Ebola was created by scientists for mass extermination to limit
the population.

Waka Mole says:

Population control 101.
Find a way of controlling population so that fingers cannot be pointed.
There will be a near 50/50 difference in opinion so people waste their time
arguing with each other instead of trying to find out what’s really
happened. Well done America but the finger will be pointing at you soon

antkid35 says:

i wouldnt be surprised if america planted ebola in Africa to kill up all
the niggers 

Miki Seius says:

Ebola has 50% Death rate, Rabies has 99.99%. Ebola makes a more scary story
in the news, i meen nothing scares us white people more than an AFRICAN

motorboy1100 says:

you said heat can eliminate the virus…………………were gonna need
alot of napalm

TehJuggalo93 says:

I prefer the old list25 guy

Radko Gudas says:

If Europeans allow one more African to come here, I’m going to kill myself.

Jerry Collins says:

If I get ebola, just stay away and let me die. Burn me after I’m dead.
“WAIT”!!!! Just let me give Obama and Bush a going away kiss.

Niggas Be Trippin says:

Ebola was planned, fact. How else would they allow known infected carriers
to fly abroad. And a few boats of people who came back from the known
ebola location was given an option to be tested for it.

Bailey Boop says:

do proper research this isn’t something you want to misinform people
about… the government of canada openly admitted that they don’t know if
it can spread through the air or not… kind of a big deal.

Jackovi Dalmoni says:

So heat slows the virus. Wht don’t people just take warm shower or have a
set to stay warm til its gone.

Nyah Notrealname says:

Fun Ebola fact: IT’S BLOODY AWESOME!!!


26. Only niggers can make this happen

smoke says:

just hiccuped….ebola

Mrwiliiy27 says:

Don’t worry guys, Canada is working on a cure

PopsicleIncorporated says:

Are you guys connected to AllTime10s? They made a 10 Facts About Ebola on
the same day and even had the same picture for the thumbnail. 

Alpha says:

Oh, I thought it said ’25 Glorious Facts About Ebola”.

Griffer30@thesantoroarmy says:

Hello Mr Castillo how are you.

antkid35 says:

so basically we are all going to die?

kristoffer lintunen says:

were all going to die within a year. You heard it here first! Bye

Dylan McMuffin says:

A few days ago I got sick, major headache, vomiting, sore joints and the
occasional nose bleed. Only lasted 3 days but during them I felt like

ethiopianeyes says:

Ebola is an ancient fossilized virus. Wtf callin bullshit.

Fully manmade patented disease. A squirt bottle spray can infect many. Like
iceman and cyanide

Just in time for November flu season. Hospitals arent making the hands over
fist revenue as they were before obamacare. 

nicmicnate says:

Ebola IS airborne as it was found out last weekend. just putting that out

amarplaysgames says:

Actualy it has a 70% death rate Just sayin’

Pienax says:

Someone said to me once “Why cant we just kill people with ebola because
were doing them a favour because seeing them suffer is bad so if we kill
them straight away they dont have to suffer”.

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