13 Surprising Facts About: Ebola

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13 Surprising Facts About: Ebola – The current Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa is the largest and most wide spread in History, with over 21000 known cas…


Link Nintendo says:

I love how he looks all fancy when doing a video. This channel is awesome.

ChubWow Geometry Dash says:

This is one of the MOST UNDERRATED CHANNELS EVER!!! See you at one million

Pogiforce says:

the way he was saying “Fatality” sounded like he was saying “Fertility”.

Connelly90 says:

0:30 Zaire (pronounced Zai-heir) WAS the Democratic Republic of the Congo
until 1997. It was the country’s name.

1:41 Are you saying “fertility”?

Jess Best says:

Actually, the plagues killed millions in just a few months. Love you, but
research a few more. Even malaria is more wide spread than ebola.

Riku Furude says:

You think cures and treatments and vaccines will work well enough to get
rid of the virus once and for all? Unlikely, as Ebola now mutates faster
than any flu virion, and her rate of mutation is rising. She has existed
for millions of years and will not be “eradicated.”

What is the actual number of current Ebola infections and deaths? Take the
latest numbers of reported infections and deaths, and multiply those
numbers by a number between 10 and 20.

Think Ebola is hard to catch? Think again. She’s a BL4 pathogen. Only
highly virulent and contagious pathogens with no cure get this title. Take
notice of how people always love highlighting and constantly repeating the
obvious fact that Ebola is not airborne, and because of this infer she is
not going to kill millions so worrying is stupid. Smallpox and other
pathogens that have killed millions are not airborne at long distances. The
transmission methods of Ebola and smallpox seem the same. The transmission
methods of Ebola and smallpox seem the same because they ARE the same.
Check the CDC site and Wikipedia if you don’t believe me. Oh wait – there’s
one difference between Ebola and smallpox transmission: Ebola can spread
through animals and smallpox can’t.

But look at the R0 number! Typically Ebola only infects 1.3 to 2 new people
per one person infected, whereas other viruses can infect as many as 20 or
more new people per one infection! Alas for Africa, as long as the R0 is
above 1, the epidemic will only get worse and never end. A low R0 number
only means a virus won’t spread as quickly as others – it doesn’t mean a
virus won’t kill millions of people.

The painfully slow spread of the Ebola virus and cyclical nature of
infections, and also the transmission methods which appear to make the
virus seem less of a danger than it actually is – features of the virus
both mistaken and misinterpreted as weaknesses which humanity can take
advantage of to defeat the virus – combined with its great and increasing
mutation rate – are paradoxically the very reasons why the virus is

According to old legends, if a frog is placed in hot water, it will quickly
jump out. But if the frog is placed in agreeable water that is slowly
boiled, it will not perceive the great danger at all, and die. While this
is largely untrue for frogs in slowly boiling water, it is excessively true
for humans in gradually decaying situations – situations like the one now.
These ghastly game changing situations are even more aggravated when people
in positions of authority bake soothing, appetizing lies, and when people
eat them.

But I live in the USA with a modern medical system! So what? Ebola can
survive on surfaces for as long as 55 days as long as there’s no sunlight
and the temperature is near freezing. You can catch Ebola if someone who
prepares your food has it. You can catch it of you drink from the same cup
of someone who has it. You can catch it from sex acts. You can catch it
from simply kissing and hugging and shaking hands. You can catch it from
accidentally grazing hands. You can catch it from touching anything an
Ebola victim has touched or been near. Ebola is not airborne, bit it is
dropletborne; in other words, if someone sneezes or coughs near you, you
may catch it. If someone sneezes or coughs ON you, chances are you will
catch it. You can catch it from touching anything someone with Ebola coughs
or sneezes on. The 21 day quarantine is a complete joke; it should be
triple that amount of time. And sometimes you can spread the virus if you
have no detectable symptoms.

Your chances of surviving the initial Ebola infection are very good if you
are put under intensive treatment as soon as any symptoms start to show.
KEY WORD: Intensive treatment. Intensive treatment means multiple highly
trained and specialized doctors – and over a dozen nurses for a single
patient, and the best possible supplies and equipment. Anything less, and
your chances are not so good anymore. Intensive treatment also means the
chances the virus infects others is increased, as there are more people to

In reality, assuming you’re living in an opulent area in the US, do you
really think that if you’re white and dozens of people in your area come
down with Ebola, you will all receive this special treatment whites have
been getting so far? There’s only so much staff, space, and supply. At
best, your typical American hospital – despite almost none of them being
able to contain Ebola – will only be able to successfully treat about half
a dozen Ebola patients at a time – and in most cases less. If they become
saturated, you stand little chance of survival. Also, if they become
saturated, you have better chances of survival if you don’t go anywhere, as
the hospitals would be hotzones. The last place you would want to be during
an outbreak of any pathogen is a medical center, but this is especially
true for Ebola seeing as how she can survive on surfaces for months and is
transmitted slightly more easily than smallpox.

I love it when people don’t worry about Ebola because she has only killed a
few thousand, whereas other viruses have killed millions. This is the
epitome of broken logic and self-delusion. If not that, then ignorance in
the science of epidemiology. Let me explain:

Normally, when an Ebola outbreak occurs, it takes place in a small,
isolated village. Everyone dies, and generally no one notices for a long
time. The virus literally burns out its host population within a month or
less; in other words, it kills everyone, and therefore has no means to
continue infecting people. However, the 2014 outbreak is unprecedented
because Ebola made her way into urban centers – something scientists have
been fearing since the discovery of Ebola in the 1970s. Ebola has only been
endemic to large population centers for 7-8 months now – a fraction of a
fraction of a fraction of the time that more feared, established viruses
have been endemic to such areas.

This is why spewing the “Oh look, Ebola has only killed 8,000 and HIV has
killed millions; therefore, Ebola is no biggie” argument is a strong sign
that you’re mentally challenged. There was a time when HIV only had plowed
8,000 people, too.

These are the three stages of Ebola media coverage:
Stage 1: [hysterical] lies combined with a lot of [uncomforting] truths
Stage 2: Some [vanilla] truths combined with a lot of [comforting] lies
Stage 3: Mostly [pure] Lies combined with heavy censorship
Ebola Anti-Hysteria Hysteria has evolved into Lies and Censorship.

The majority of the control modern people think they have over existence –
disease, nature, other people, and themselves – is nonexistent. This is
another concrete truth most humans cannot fully swallow.

Space1258 says:

Ebola jokes anyone.-.?

Spider Katt says:

When you say “Thoughty2” it sounds like you say “Forty-Two”. :P

Aakash Dreyar says:

I feel like Ebola is the least of Africa’s worries. In school I learned
that there are more deaths from HIV/AIDS than there are from Ebola.

Thoughty2 says:

NEW VIDEO – 13 Surprising Facts About: Ebola 

Yuuki Lex says:

ok… so..i should STOP pissing on random people??

Breza Illyria says:

4:28…yeah…but for rich white people is not time consuming or difficult
to make…so fucking pathetic..
1 word…..Man made
or 3 letters… CIA
1 big surname … Bilderberg
or the whole picture … Illuminati (freemasons)
you choose…..
Remember, when a conspiracy theory is true,People will say it is just a
theory….someone just go through this life in sheep (sleep)

Will Johnson says:

Did anyone notice how that HORRIBLE Ebola outbreak in the U.S just
disappeared for no reason? Wonder what they were trying to distract us from

Roblox Gliches says:

I play FUCKING roblox mate. I I I play tehFUCKING quarry bitch.

Mega Brony Army says:

Am I the only one who thinks it sounds kind of like he’s saying “42” when
he says “Thoughty2”?

艹 hoyamons says:

wait, but ebola is very deadly, and it is so hard to catch, ebola most be
like the weakest virus, it is like the surviving skills of a panda
comparing to the man vs wild guy, but how dafuq did ebola got so far

Joshawott Pokemon says:

The Ebola song should be in the background 

doctypehtml says:

I love this channel so much. I like how he is serious and does not act like
a total goof all of the time. Definitely underrated. He will hit 100k in
the near future.

Robeon Mew says:

Doesn’t that make Ebola an STD in a technical standpoint? 

Rick Games says:

U scare the shit out of me cuz I live in the Netherlands and I feel really
sick man

Tate Jordan says:

Ebola is airborne, it can be transmitted by water and food.

FlymeinBlue says:

*sigh* You killed Moonlight Sonata for me, but I still subscribed. Lol.
Been lurking for a while. Love your channel. You’ve got such great
information. It’s always interesting!

Claudelle Schoeman says:

I feel so scared cause ebola is in londen and on its way to Britain and im
in Britain

PingConspiracyTheories PCT says:

thoughty2 you are a better video maker and video ideas than mathew santoro

netherealmprince says:

frankie muniz movie career slumped now he’s making youtube videos?

Camille Storm says:

his accent>>

ZodiacFTW says:

Its Jordan Henderson!

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