10 Things You Need to Know About Ebola: Facts About the Virus, Symptoms, Quarantine Audiobook

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Even though it hns to be that this is not the first time the Ebola Virus has found its w thrugh th shores f Africa, ts latest development hs bn tht f n alarming n. s t stands nw handful f West African countries hs bn fftd nml Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal nd Sierra Leone. It s believed tht Ebola frst emerged n Sudan nd Zaire n 1976. h nm Ebola ws named ftr th Zaire River called “ebola River”. h frst outbreak f Ebola s sd t hv infected 284 people wth mortality rate f 53%. h second emergence f Ebola ws reported n Yambuku, Zaire. Ebola-zaire (eboz) recorded th highest mortality rate f n f th Ebola viruses (88%) infected 318 people. h third strain f Ebola, Ebola Reston (ebor), ws frst identified n 1989 whn infected monkeys wr imported nt Reston, Virginia, frm Mindanao n th Philippines. Ebola hs fund ts w n th annals f West Africa nd th Africa t large. h ‘2014 outbreak’ f th Ebola hs bn major threat t nt nl Africa, but th Wrld t large. Ghana n ths regard s n exception t th threats f Ebola Virus Disease (evd) tkng nt cognizance tht w r bounded b neighboring Ebola stricken Countries. As th Ebola epidemic frenzies, tw questions hv surface: w dd th noxious virus escape detection fr three months? nd wh hs mammoth global interventions fail t ntn it? In Guinea, th case started n small village (meliandou) n th Forest region f southern Guinea. Bush meat hs long bn common source f food fr ths village nd th hd t n bounty. ut n th dying days f December th ordinary life n Meliandou m t n nd whn th Ebola virus gv smooth landing n th village mst lkl n th body f fruit bat-its natural non-human reservoir, rdng t practical consensus mng scientists.


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