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10 PPM of Nano Silver to Kill Ebola | Ebola Videos

10 PPM of Nano Silver to Kill Ebola

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Based on a 2009 US Gov declassified report, 10 PPM of Nano Silver can effectively neutralize the Ebola Virus. Give praise to Dr. Rima E. Laibow for her discovery of this report. Ebola: Disease…

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Woodchuck Cinema says:
JF Fortruth says:

I got my nano silver last week I take cap full in the morning and one in
the evening. I will continue to do so. As matter of fact the first couple
sites were sold out. But I did mange to find some on Amazon. 10Ppm, I plan
on getting a few more bottles.

The1316killer says:

God damn how do you even walk around and fucking function brother. E-rthf
did you just say E-rthf lol ! 

KingLutherQ says:

No government in the world will advocate using this nano silver. It makes a
good scam though because
Zinc, copper and silver have similar anti-bacterial properties. They also
share the same area in the periodic table.
To the uneducated simple minded person, it’s quite convincing.

In the old days people put silver dollars in their drinking water container
to kill the bacteria.
However, it doesn’t work on viruses that mostly spends it’s life cycle
inside the host’s cells.
No scientific study proves or even suggest that these nano silver works on
any disease or infection.
At low concentrations nano silver does nothing that you can notice. At
higher concentrations, these potent elements could implode your blood
cells, damage your blood vessels, make you anemic and even suppress your
immune system.
Long term use could make you develop a fatal blood disorder.

The US and UK is fast tracking an ebola vaccine. It will probably be ready
with-in 6 months. For now the only ebola cure is blood from a person that
has recovered from the disease. Anti-bodies in the blood of an ebola
survivor is the critical part that transfers it’s immunity to the infected
recipient. They used this blood transfusion method in the U.S. in four
ebola cases. All survived. It was also been used very successfully against
ebola in the past.

A simple procedure that hospitals in Africa can do:
(note: must only be done by a qualified medical professional)
1. Match blood type of recipient and donor.
2. screen for blood diseases like AIDS and hepatitis.
3. centrifuge to separate blood from plasma.
4. inject plasma part to recipient.

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Michael Flores says:

The likes dont lie!

The1316killer says:

I’m giving you a thumbs up for inspiration and Entertainment thanks have a
great day ! 

Arduino Tronic says:

Wow! – I was viewing ur great vid channel. Unfortunately youtube for me
here on my equipment buffers a lot – its my area not this site but its
frustrating at times! I think we have the same sort of interests and I like
this style u have. When you have a mo please examine the appropriate videos
on my channel (organised into playlists) and tell me your opinion of them.
Any constructive criticism gratefully recieved! Good luck with your

Ronald Gardener says:

“The Nano Silver nutrient that was reportedly rejected by the Liberian
health authorities is said to be curing Ebola patients in neighboring
Sierra Leone, according to Sierra Leonean officials. A government official
in Sierra Leone says that some people are recovering from Ebola because of
the Nano silver treatment, rejected in Liberia.”

Source: http://www.pharmacychoice.com/News/article.cfm?Article_ID=1274568

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