10 Ebola Facts – WMNews Ep. 2

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As this rare and deadly disease continues to ravage West Africa, how safe are we? Welcome to WatchMojo News, the weekly series from http://www.WatchMojo.com that breaks down news stories that…


WatchMojo.com says:

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WatchMojo.com says:

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Taylor Giavasis says:

11th Ebola fact: Ebola is being used as a capacity weapon by you know who.
And it’s man-made by you know who. Africa, the easy target, receives all of
the blame by yo know who

I am a Robot says:

I think the disease is man made just to kill off as many African’s as
possible, and also for population control. Just think about it, there are
more then two cures for this disease, but yet they don’t use it on them
(hmmm strange). there is a Xenex Robot that kills off Ebola instantly, but
it’s never talked about, and you can hardly find it on the internet. I find
it quite strange how this disease came out of nowhere and spread so
quickly. They say Ebola come from exotic animals, but I never seen any
scientific experiments on these animals. Also only the rich get cured, not
the poor. How sad the times we live in :( just my theory of course.

Kris A says:

Ebola is, unfortunately, I think, nature’s way of controlling the numbers
in our species. I suspect we’ll beat it, but at immense cost to our
species, but a relief to the over-populated world as the burden on it is
steadily lifted. Fight it, fight it and fight it, it’s coldly, defiantly
merciless; so we must also. Nature’s on a mission – are we?

Alexander Thompson says:

if you tell an ebola joke you’re either retarded and/or white

Menace Matt Dennis says:

Ebola isn’t man made you stupid hippie fucks in the comments

MasterGhostf says:

This is not meant to be mean but, this is actually quite useful sadly. The
world is getting overcrowded, their needs ways to elimanate that either
colonizing planets, which wont happen in the next few years or kill

ajax1025 says:

My country (the Netherlands) has sended 2 navy ships to west Africa, but
how will that help?
And it is a serious question

Andy Jones says:

‘Ebola is now an epidemic, the likes of which we have not seen before. It
is spiralling out of control, it’s spreading faster…’

Ebola: ~4,500 deaths so far

The flu: over 36,000 deaths in the USA annually.

What’s the real epidemic here? 

Jo Lal says:

Let’s just say a bat shit near my lip will I get Ebola I’m very serious 

wilson!!!!!!!!! says:

Just saying. The started making a medicine in 2002 in the netherlands.
Murica isn’t the only one

Eroa says:

Didn’t Bill Gates donate something like 500 million dollars?

MassOreoKiller says:

Another awesome video WatchMojo! I’m really afraid that Ebola might be
weaponized and used in wars. Hopefully the spread of Ebola is contained and
a cure is made to prevent any more cases. 

missturquoiseglasses says:

Although there is a massive unnecessary hype about ebola, I think it’s
atrocious that people are making fun of it. In school, loads of people are
joking about it and saying stupid stuff, and I think it’s almost like
laughing at cancer. Thousands of people are DYING from this disease, and
people are making fun of it? This is because the news and governments have
made a massive scene out of it and now idiots have turned to making fun of
something that is actually serious, but not as much of a big deal as it

Jonas Orens says:

Why can’t we just take everyone who has Ebola and kill them?(except for 1
for medical purposes)

ory avni says:

If you get ebola and you dont die from it can you get infected again?

My crew says:

More people are dying of aids than Ebola

But still…. 

Taylor says:

People in the United States need to stop being so god damn paranoid about
this whole thing

RaselVideos says:

5 species? wtffff

African Twinkie Cartel says:

There are dumbasses in West Africa preaching that Ebola is a lie created by
the government and there are idiots in ‘Murica going bat shit over a
disease that will affect NONE of them. Humanity is fucking retarded.

torress1235 says:

This was Ebola virus was man-made to control population. Even the walking
dead TV show said it! Season 1 last episode. Also why are the only
survivors from USA? Obviously the vaccine works so why dont they use it on
the Africans? also what is 10+9=????? So many unanswered questions.!!! 

Simon Hallman says:

11’th fact: Ebola is a “man-made” disease. 

Wegra says:

Look people we’ve survived through god knows how many plagues,flus, viruses
and whatever why are we bothering freaking out over this? 

Harrison Webster says:

What started aids.

Heroic Wombat says:

More people have been married to Kim Kardashian than people that have died
from ebola in the US

sd86it says:

Here’s the fucking solution. Stay the fuck away from Africa and keep the
infected niggers in there. No contact No spread !! Any fucking Questions ?

Gamer Vii says:

People, ebola is not an epidemic. Look at the statistics,

People killed by Ebola in last 8 months: 10,000
People killed by Malaria in the last 48 hours: 10,000

You see? Also, Malaria is transmitted by mosquitos. They are EVERYWHERE
except Antarctica. Ebola? The chances you’ll even SEE someone infected in
America or Europe is close to none.

The media were looking for something scary, something people would freak
out about, and they found it.
Sure, it kills people. In Africa. Where they barely have health care. And
any doctors whatsoever.

You get the point?

nathan tesfamicael says:

Search up Operation N.A.O.M.I. Appraently its a thing that the us govenment
did,saying that they created aids to kill nigers. Nigers Are Only

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